In the mid-1990s, Burke Knox and Pierre-Georges Philippe were second only to Arnold and Sly on the action hero food chain. Today, they’re bloated punchlines pushing 50.

Surviving an onslaught of personal and professional lows, the former rivals strike up an unlikely friendship. When a mysterious opportunity for a joint comeback arises, there are only three things for Burke and Pi-Gi to do: roundhouse fate in the jaw, bend its elbow 90 degrees the wrong way, and bring the pain Direct to Video.

Originally released by Handshake, Inc. in 2012, Andrew Bonazelli's novel DTV (direct to video) is what happens when kick-ass meets grab-ass. The first print run featured a paperback in a VHS clamshell with a free, downloadable soundtrack featuring some of the most unique bands in underground extreme music covering vintage action movie music. Its second edition arrives in two formats

1) paperback

Available exclusively at Amazon for only $8. With new exterior art by Graf Orlock’s Adam Hunt. If you select this option, you'll be able to hear the soundtrack for free at

2) the DTV "dvd"

Lovingly handmade with the acumen of Malaysian sweatshop laborers, this edition contains the entire original soundtrack on CD, an interior "receipt" with contributor credits, a notification to purchase the Kindle version of the DTV novel for just 99 cents, and more new exterior art from Adam. 100% of the proceeds (not including shipping) will go to the 14 bands. Available directly from Towering Achievements.

Both options are extremely inexpensive. You can now own whatever version of the book and soundtrack you prefer for roughly half of the original cost.


1) wolvhammer "burn"

2) stomach earth "intro/bakersfield"

3) majeure "one night in brooklyn"

4) the atlas moth "black trees"

5) steve moore "the terminator theme"

6) graf orlock "predator main theme"

7) lauderdale "feel the impact"

8) old head "rock 'n' roll doctor"

9) great falls "robocop battle theme"

10) total fucking destruction "lovegrinder"

11) the austerity program "game of death"

12) early graves "anvil of crom"

13) dirt farmer "knife on my woman"

14) matthew widener "theme from 'the turnabout'"